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Since its inception in 1987, Equine Analysis Systems of Kentucky, LLC has been on the frontier of incorporating technology into the critical evaluation of thoroughbred race horses from foal to stallion.  

No other company has amassed data from over 40,000 case studies.  This puts us in a unique position to extrapolate in May, for instance, a horse's capabilities in September and beyond.   We are indeed at the forefront of the industry scientifically and our successes speak to that directly.


Our research and data collection over the years has led us to develop tests in conformational analysis, track performance and genetics.  Our uniquely scientific perspective on the thoroughbred, utilizing a combination of results from all areas of testing, allows us to give our clients recommendations that put them at the top of the game.   

Founder Dr. David Lambert is considered an authority in equine physiology and is often called upon to present at equine conferences around the world.  He was also featured on PBS' Nature Series Equus: Story of the Horse (view video below)


First-of-its-kind breeding program : Copper Bullet

Continuing to innovate the racing industry, Equine Analysis embarked on a new project applying science to the breeding shed and incentivizing broodmare owners. Dr. Lambert and Copper Bullet owner Ron Winchell recently teamed up to establish qualifications for mares to be considered for the stallion's first book.  If a mare meets all three requirements identified by our team, the mare's owner will receive a complimentary season to Copper Bullet, and Winchell will pay the mare owner $5,000 when the mare is pronounced in foal at 45 days.   More here.  

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